Standard Process Nutritional Supplements

Standard Process brand nutritional supplements are used to aid the body in balancing mineral ratios, rid itself of toxins, and bring the body into a more balanced overall state of health.

What’s Different about the Standard Process Brand?

The restoration of life and health is always priority one. Life is health. The life principle itself is only found in the original, long established genetic code of living bodies – fish, animal, and plants. Plants are light eaters and live in the rich soil of the same planet your genes originated from. The creative spark of life is only in the result of creation itself. This natural principle has been perfected often through billions of years of evolution. Today man has a ‘get rich quick’ and an ‘I am smarter than God’ attitude. Man builds factories that stamp out high potency isolated nutrients from coal tar and say it is better than God’s. He puts a half a dozen high potency synthetics in a base carrier substance and calls it a natural multiple. WHAT? Humans need the millions of parts with their enzymes and in the correct ratio one to another. You can’t fix a Ford with Honda parts. A gasoline engine won’t run on diesel and vice versa. Only the original parts can restore the original human. Synthetic vitamins cause deficiencies because of the highly imbalanced ratio they create to all other nutrients. Drugs cover up symptoms. They do not restore life and have side effects that are known and many more not reported or yet unlearned about.

Standard Process was established 75 years ago as an organic garden in Wisconsin, USA. They take their bulk produce from their organic garden and reduce it with atmospheric chambers so as not to disturb the natural ratios or fragile coenzymes. The 70 degree extraction process preserves the code and the life spark so as to restore your health. Standard Process is the process!

Explore the exciting link above to Standard Process Farms and Manufacturing facility. Read about the importance of whole food supplements, the quality of the ingredients, the method of farming and manufacturing, the product information, understanding how to read a supplement label, and the numerous nutrition articles.

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