Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is used to aid in normalizing cell function, neurological function, and firing patterns.

Quantum Neurology (GRT Laser)

Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation is a powerful system that can optimize your body’s performance and healing. Quantum Neurology™ is unique because its focus is on strengthening the Nervous System. Your Nervous System controls every muscle, organ and function in your body. This is why everyone can benefit from Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation – The same techniques that are used to enhance Professional and Olympic Athletes are used to help everyday patients achieve their physical and healing goals.

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QN Cold Laser Intro

Erchonia Laser

Erchonia Medical began their commitment to conducting clinical research in December 1999, with Neck and Shoulder studies, as a means to prove viability to the FDA. At the time, the FDA considered low-level lasers “experimental” as no company had presented ethical clinical data to prove them safe and effective. Erchonia Medical petitioned the FDA regarding a study, choosing neck and shoulder pain because it was one of the most common neuromuscular conditions of which few devices had been proven successful in treating. The FDA said the study was good; however they requested a second, more limiting study. The first study mixed chronic and acute patients. The second study was just for chronic patients only.

Fast forward to 2002. The second, stricter study was completed January 2002. The results proved outstanding pain reduction, and increased muscle strength and range of motion. The overwhelming results were presented to the FDA in a 510(k) submission that led to the first low-level laser given market clearance by the FDA, awarded January 17, 2002. Not only did the Erchonia Medical studies garner the first low-level laser indication for use, the Erchonia laser device initiated the need for the FDA to create a new regulatory category, NHN Biostimulation lasers.

Erchonia Medical is proud to claim that because of our commitment to low-level laser technology and fortitude to prove our standing with clinical research, Low Level Lasers are a sanctioned medical modality.

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Erchonia Laser Studies