There are misunderstandings galore about this problem of osteoporosis that is so prevalent today. Busy lifestyles and processed foods are a big cause. Hormone imbalance from blood sugar problems and allergies also play a big role in taking out the body’s store of minerals. There are no minerals to keep the structure strong because they got spent just keeping up with life.

Most people do well with a simplified osteoporosis protocol of natural vitamin supplements – whole foods from Standard Process. These can provide all the raw bone ingredients necessary to rebuild bone, cartilage, ligaments, and muscle. A good protocol would be Biost (3 per day), Calcifood Wafers (6 per day), and Cataplex C (6 per day). If the osteoporosis is accompanied by a lot of joint pain, add Glucosamine Synergy (3 per day) and fish oil as in Tuna Omega 3 Oil (3 per day). Besides discovering hidden infection or inflammation that can rob minerals, or blood sugar imbalances from poor diet choices which cause dramatic ups and downs that can also rob minerals, there is one more thing to look at – exercise - or the lack of it. Weight bearing on bones causes them to strengthen up. Doing light weight lifting, walking, or bike riding is a good habit to get in to.

Read the labels on your food choices. See the total carbohydrates. Try to limit these to 40 grams per day only. Each week try to get 4 hours of exercise. Stay aware of when you feel bad. It could have been the type of food you ate that day. Foods to watch out for are wheat, corn, milk, tomatoes, rice, or soy. These can cause an inflammatory response that robs the body of minerals and leads to osteoporosis.

The best defense is a good offense. Bring your blood test to the office to evaluate for those unknown hidden mineral depleaters. Blood sugar ups and downs, thyroid imbalance, hidden infections that your body is fighting (that you may or may not know about) and possible common food intolerances or subtle allergic reactions to things like corn, wheat, milk, soy, rice, or tomatoes. A consultation and a simple, non-invasive manual muscle test can identify the problem areas. A written questionnaire about your symptoms can provide clues on what direction to take in advising a natural whole food supplement program to optimize your health.

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