High Cholesterol - A Natural Alternative . . . the rest of the story

Some years ago a connection was made between clogged arteries, heart attacks, stroke, and the presence of cholesterol. Studies were made to find a drug to block or inhibit it.

The most successful test result came from a substance called HMG-COA reductace, but here is the rest of the story. The HMG-COA reductace was found in fermenting yeast in a batch of red rice. That’s right. Sounds like penicillin from mold. Here we have cholesterol blockers from monascus purpureus yeast grown on red rice. Since you can not make a profit from selling it because of open market competition, they made a drug from its isolate and that’s what today’s statin drugs are made from.

Here is an alternative! You can buy that same yeast and red rice extract in a supplement called Cholestar, available through wholistic alternative health care practitioners like myself at a low price because it is safe and natural for all.

The National Cholesterol Education Program was well funded and did a good job finding out what vitamin worked best to lower cholesterol naturally. Now I’ll tell you what that vitamin is – B3 or niacin. The problem with taking the necessary 800 mg of niacin is that it gives an uncomfortable flush all over. But inositol hexaniacinate is a form of niacin without the flush and just as effective. That’s why it is in the same capsule with the red rice yeast.

To find out more, I suggest you let me run a blood test to tell you what would help in your case. Everyone is different and is treated differently. Give us a call or email us from the contact page if you are interested in scheduling a consultation for a natural alternative in your special case.

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