Acne and Wheat

The body is prone to many diseases when it is too acidic, because the body robs its own mineral stores to alkalize the body. Your body will go to extreme maneuvers to stay alkaline. Your oral pH will want to be about 7.4 and deviation up or down will have bad effects on your health. When you consume too much processed food from grains and cereals you become too acidic. Wheat is the most common offender followed closely by corn.

Acne can be due to over-consumption of bread and cereal. These increase sugar in the blood and promote high levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (GF-1). This in turn leads to increased testosterone (in both male and female) causing the skin pores to secrete sebum. Sebum is a greasy, thick substance that attracts acne promoting bacteria. We will see high testosterone on a saliva test and high neutrophils in the white blood cells on the blood test. To kill bacteria and leave the cause of the thick sebum by continuing to eat bread and wheat would be irresponsible.

With 60% of 12 year olds and almost 90% of 18 year olds suffering from acne it’s easy to see that the teen diet of processed foods, cereals, and breads can be the major culprit.

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